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Viral Fashion x Mitchel Primrose Interview

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We were so thrilled to be selected by our friends at Viral Fashion to be a part of their Premiere Issue titled "Inspiration".  This is such an amazing feature! The Premiere issue has limited distribution - but we are so excited to (virtually) share it with all of you. 

The gorgeous cover image and inside fashion spread features a graphic assortment of Mitchel Primrose bracelets and cuffs. As well as a spotlight interview with Mitchel...

Mitchel Primrose Interview: A Designer Who is Unafraid of Showing Some Skin

From the very first moment that I spotted one of accessory designer Mitchel Primrose's pieces, a light bulb went off in my head. As the Fashion Director of Viral Fashion it has always been my goal to suss out new and exciting designers to introduce to our readers, so upon seeing a photo of Mitchel's signature "Spider" Cuff and coordinating choker made of glossy black alligator with polished gold hardware, I knew that I had found something special. Putting aside the fact that the pieces ticked off many of the boxes in a category we'll call "personal taste" (I have never met a dangerous or vaguely kinky accessory that I didn't like. Deal with it.) I instinctively realized that these pieces of jewelry were the type of photogenic, attention-grabbing accessories that can transform a look and really make a photograph. As luck would have it, Viral Fashion was in the early stages of planning one of our photo editorials, which, I decided quite matter-of-factly, was the perfect opportunity to showcase Primrose's sexy, hard-edged and luxurious designs. After tracking down his company's contact information, I had the pleasure of speaking directly with the designer himself, which is a rarity in the oftentimes distant and icy fashion world, and I was immediately taken by how friendly, enthusiastic and just-plain-nice he was. Those qualities haven't changed a bit in the nearly three years since Viral Fashion photographed Mitchel's pieces for the aforementioned photo editorial. 

What has changed, however, is the breadth of Primrose's product line, which now includes an expanded selection of the pieces on which he's built his name as well as belts, handbags and - as he revealed in our interview - a forthcoming men's collection. That sort of growth is no mean feat in the increasingly crowded luxury accessories market, but it's possible that such expansion is merely a testament to a finely honed vision with which the public can clearly relate. The vision in question, a blend of classical luxury in the form of precious exotic skins and gilded details with a tough, street-ready edge and loads of sex appeal, is one that seems both perfectly suited to today's trends as well as utterly timeless in its devotion to clean lines and superior quality. It's no wonder, really, that Primrose's statement-making pieces have been spotted everywhere from Vogue and Harper's Bazaar to The Zoe Report and O Magazine, as well as being worn by stylish women including Anya Ziourova, Brooke Candy, and Sharon Stone. I recently had the chance to speak with Mitchel Primrose and found out a bit about what makes him tick, how he's still touched when he sees his designs featured in magazines and why hats should probably make a comeback. 

Viral Fashion // Talk us through a day in the life of Mitchel Primrose

Mitchel Primrose // My days tend to vary from one to the next, but since we are still a small company I have to wear many hats. My typical day usually starts with getting up at 7am and taking my dog, Winston, for a walk. He is a standard poodle, just over a year old, so he requires a lot of exercise. After he's been fed I make breakfast for myself and sit at my desk to check my emails and have a morning conference call with my sister, Carmen. She's my business partner and she's based in Nashville, TN. We talk every day to review what's on the agenda and our schedules for upcoming productions, new collections, new ideas, etc. Everything gets relayed to the other so we both have full visibility over the company. After I work a few hours at home, often on the public relations and press, I run errands, and then visit our manufacturing facility. I'm constantly juggling the operations of design, sourcing, and the production of new products. By late afternoon, I always make time to exercise. As the seasons change, I'm often training for a new athletic event so my workouts change accordingly. Then I'm back home to walk and feed Winston, and then it's on to cooking dinner. I love to cook and find this part of my day soothing and relaxing - my favorite part of the day. After dinner, I'm back at my desk to tie up any loose ends from earlier, prep for the next day and complete any tasks for other companies I privately consult for. 

-- Justin Friedman, Fashion Director

Oh, there is so much more! Click here to read the full length interview...