Mitchel Primrose embodies Modern American Luxury; a timeless, yet striking attitude is present in all of our pieces. We produce the finest jewelry & accessories at two of the United States top manufacturing facilities. Our goods are each carefully crafted by hand, using the highest quality materials - lustrous metals, sparkling diamonds, and rich exotic leathers.  We take great pride in our work; many of our styles are completely made to order, with a limit on the quantities we produce. This allows us to keep each piece exclusive, customizable, and extra-special. 


"I wanted to create pieces that lived through seasons & years, pieces that are held in a vacuum but feel modern each time you put them on." -- Mitchel primrose


Launched in 2012 by brother and sister team Carmen and Mitchel Primrose, what started as a small capsule of exotic leather necklaces & bracelets, has now fully evolved to encompass a full collection of fine jewelry and exotic leather accessories & handbags. Since the beginning, Mitchel Primrose has quickly gained both domestic and international recognition in some of the world's most prestigious publications - such as: Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Marie Claire, Vanity Fair, Interview, and the Wall Street Journal. Upon our launch in 2012,'s Marina Larroude featured Mitchel Primrose in her spotlight article "On Our Radar", and in 2013 WWD included Mitchel Primrose on their list of emerging exotic handbag brands. As our story grows, we invite you to join us. Take part in the effortless glamour and everyday luxury that is Mitchel Primrose.